• judi

    Sorry to hear about your tummy, but the REAL pie day is on March 14th. Ask any mathematician. Stay clear of whatever you ate yesterday, and you should be ready for March pi!

    [I’m already resting up. — DA]

  • Scott in the RC

    The day that I could actually justify having a slice of pie and I missed it!! I’ll have to put the date on my “Marie Callender” for next year. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist, and also couldn’t figure out a Flo’s reference to mix in.

    [Not to worry, Scott. Just go with the Flo. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Care to share as to where (sorry about the rhyming. I’m a poet and don’t know it!**) you had that bad meal?

    Maybe you could get a doctor’s note about your illness on pie day and have a piece when you feel up to it.

    ** No comments about my feet, please.

    [It was in L.A. My friends were unaffected, but my fish clearly wanted to return to the ocean by way of the nearest water-filled conveyance device. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    So bye bye Mr. American Pie, Had the fish for my dish But I thought I would die, And good ol’ readers asking “How Am I”….Thinking next time just stick to ribeye……mu apologies to Don McLean

    [Or just buy Mr. McLean a whiskey and rye. — DA]