Column: Upland to citizens: Don’t worry, be happy

Wednesday’s column (read it here) recounts the high- and lowlights of Monday’s Upland City Council meeting. Example:

When the public comment period began, an unusual thing occurred.

On the big screen there in the Council Chambers, these four commands were projected in giant letters:

“Respectful Treatment of Others”

“Second Guessing”

“Do Not Interrupt”

“Be Positive”

Sometimes they make it too easy for me. Read the column for more.

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  • Debi Porada

    swollen heads, skrinkage, hard water, funny farm, city council’s, steroids, improved performance and psychologist all worked into one column, pretty darn funny David! The only think that had me worried was the sentence “pretty much anyone who’s on a city council has a swelled head.” Thank goodness you said “pretty much”!

    [Hedging my bets allows for exceptions, and in this case lets our local electeds flatter themselves that they qualify. I think you do, though. — DA]