2 views of ONT campaign


The official Set ONTario Free logo is above, designed by Ontario City Hall in support of its campaign to reclaim LA/Ontario International Airport.

Below is a response by Len Talan, who posted it on my Facebook page with the crack, “What the Set ONTario Free campaign is really about.” He’s a Venice resident whose page lists himself as a fan of LAX. I like the rats that replace the bird in flight.

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  • Erik G.

    Sorry, what evidence does Len Talan have that the Inland Empire is trying to get ONT for “free”?

    LAWA won’t even consider negotiating. As far as I have read, “ONT is not for sale.”

    But I hope Len does not mind the extra traffic in the Westside, or all the land around the airport that is taken for private car storage versus creating a green-space buffer.