More on the St. Charles Grill

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The old St. Charles Grill restaurant in Pomona is the subject of Sunday’s column (read it here). An earlier blog post prompted a few reader comments.

During my recent tour of the building, my eye was caught by vintage photos taped to the mirror behind the bar. (The blue at the corners is tape.)

One, reproduced above, was a fuller version of an exterior photo that appeared cropped and with less detail on my blog. I love the St. Charles sign. The smaller window sign at the right reads “Chicken Dinners” and I believe the one at the left says “Steak Dinners.”

Below that is a fresh photo. Although the signs are gone, naturally, the exterior looks swankier today than it did whenever the photo was shot, perhaps after a remodeling somewhere along the line obscured some of the details.

The other piece on the mirror was a postcard, dated 1938, of the “annex,” as the bar was apparently known. It would be the area under the “Cocktails” sign in the top photo. Both sides of the postcard are reproduced below. Note how the word “patronage” was mistakenly substituted for “patrons.” But nobody’s perfect.

The bar is largely intact, but there was too much clutter for a decent photo.

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Restaurant of the Week: Fattoush

57761-fattoush 001.jpg

Fattoush Mediterranean Cuisine, 428 Auto Center Drive (at Indian Hill), Claremont

Debuting in December 2011, Fattoush is next to the new Super King market. The two of them add a welcome touch of the Mediterranean to the neighborhood.

My friend had the mezza platter ($14, pictured above), a sampling of appetizers, which has, clockwise from left, tabbouli, falafel, spinach pie, grape leaves, hummus and baba ganouj. I sampled them myself and we agreed they were all good to very good. The tabbouli, which appeared to have been made moments before, was especially fresh and tasty.

I had the shawarma combo ($12.50, pictured below), which had beef and chicken with tahini sauce, garlic dip and a house salad. Pita bread for both of us was also delivered in a basket. The beef and chicken were both marinated and flavorful. The salad, which can be ordered separately, was okay but nothing special.

My friend, who’s Turkish and knows the food, really liked Fattoush and wants to go back. I would eat there again too.

The interior is modern and minimalist, with parquet floors, two-tone walls and subtle pink lighting near the ceiling, evidently a hipster touch. They have table service and you get actual silverware and plates. The menu is more ambitious than the restaurant appears to have originally planned; a copy handed out to my friend before the opening had more sandwiches and fewer entrees, and everything was $1 or $2 cheaper.

Now you can get shrimp kabobs ($18) and lamb chops ($20). But you can also get a rotisserie chicken sandwich for $5.59.

The restaurant’s website can be viewed here and the menu here.

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Column: Budget blight means end of redevelopment

Friday’s column (read it here) expresses some thoughts on the demise of redevelopment, particularly in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, offering a splash of reality for some pro-redevelopment local officials. Also, I reflect on the passing of Claremont’s Judy Wright.

If you have a long MLK holiday weekend, enjoy it. I’ll be taking Friday off — and Metrolinking it to L.A. — but back at my desk Monday.

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Tintin, a journalist?

An amusing piece in Mother Jones is about the journalistic chops of Tintin, the boy reporter in Belgian comic books who is now immortalized in a movie.

Writes Dave Gilson: “If Tintin’s supposed to be a reporter, why don’t we see him writing up his big story at the end of the movie? For that matter, why don’t we see him ever doing anything vaguely resembling journalism?”

The full piece can be read here.

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Mystery mortgage messages

Spam comments occasionally show up on this blog, but only for a few hours until I see them and delete ’em. The only readers who see them are the ones who haunt the “Recent Comments” area for the latest comments.

Why should those readers have all the fun? I’ve collected most the spams of the past few weeks that relate to loans and compiled them below for your reading pleasure. I love the English-as-a-second-language phrasing, especially the way they put “the” in front of “loan.”

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I don’t know if compiling these comments was the right solution, but I feel myself OK just because of it, and feel myself comfortable too. Please, do not take the personal loan, even if it is fast and easy and you are very young. Thank you.

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In Chino Hills, the Council Chambers has an alcove with a press table reserved for us and the Chino Champion, with three swanky ergonomic chairs, two nameplates and, best of all, a “Quiet Please, Reporters at Work” sign. Ha ha! Boy, I’d love to have one of those for my desk.

Hey, pipe down, Chino Hillsians! We’re workin’ here! (At the Dec. 13 meeting, mostly I was reading “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov, but a respectful silence was still called for.)

Incidentally, at the same meeting, the press table afforded an excellent view of two women wearing hats.

57558-quiet 001.jpg
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Judy Wright

Claremont historian Judy Wright died early Saturday. A former mayor, Wright had been ill for six months but went into cardiac arrest Jan. 1 and was in a coma this past week before being removed from the respirator, according to Karen Rosenthal, a friend and another past mayor.

“It is a huge loss for the community,” Rosenthal told me via email. “The flags at city facilities will be flown at half-staff until further notice.”

Wright published “Claremont: A Pictorial History” and “Claremont Women: 1887-1950” and was the go-to person for facts and context about local history — enough so that in my Sunday column I publicly (and innocently) asked for her help regarding the golf carts that used to ply the city’s streets. She read this blog and my column and was always there if I needed her. I’m sorry she won’t be there any longer.

The Courier’s announcement of her death can be read here.

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