Claremont’s latest eye-opener


The new Super King market, and its surrounding Claremont Promenade center off the 10 Freeway at Indian Hill Boulevard in Claremont, has a super-sized sign, seen here in an eastbound view. (Thank goodness traffic was light as I slowed to snap this through my windshield.)

Although the Super King sign may appear more super than the Norms’ sign installed last year, the dimensions show there’s no contest. Norms is 99 feet high while Super King’s is a mere (ahem) 80 feet.

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  • Gae Seal

    Two words. Bad taste. Always ask yourself, would they do this in Beverly Hills or Carmel? Do the people who designed this have to live with it? A word to the wise is sufficient.

  • John Clifford

    Notice that the tall signs are all on the side of the freeway that people usually assume is actually Pomona? On the north side of the freeway, similar businesses have a MUCH lower sign height.

  • Reality Check

    They might if they had the I-10 rolling through town…

  • Erik G.

    No, because in Beverly Hills they make sure that the freeway (SR2) is never built:

  • Ronald Scott

    2 words…economic development!! Our city is doing what it can to stimulate economic and job stimulation. Instead of waiting for Washington or Sacramento to get off their lazy keesters, Claremont is doing its part!!

  • yo

    there’s no freeway in Carmel either. get a clue.

  • Erik G.

    I hope the sign is easier to see from further back (I recall that it is), because from this angle, the CalTrans sign is blocking all the sub-tenants’ signs.

  • John E. Bredehoft

    I suspect that Claremont isn’t the only city that is pursuing economic development on the outskirts of the city, far away from where Claremont people actually live.

  • Scott in the RC

    Back in the day when I thought about Claremont, it would bring up thoughts of the village, the colleges, and beautiful tree lined streets. Now when I think of Claremont, I think of Norm’s restaurant and Super King market!

    [Then the signs are working? — DA]

  • Andy

    I assume a passenger in your car took this picture =)

  • barbara f

    You couldn’t so much as see a billboard anywhere within the Claremont city limits when I was growing up … And as to THIS! The building commission back then simply would never have approved of anything remotely to do with THIS! Poor Claremont is becoming like everyplace else now …

  • Bob Terry

    The People’s Republic of Claremont will fight to the death to have no drive throughs, no 7-11’s, no Wal Marts but they have no problem whore-ing themselves out on the most southern outpost of their city for tax dollars.

    [Claremont, City of Trees and Ph.Ds and Contradictions. — DA]

  • Derek Deason


    You should not be taking photos and driving. Now they will have to enact another law, hands free cameras and driving.

    [“David’s Law.” — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I just hope this new market brings lots of jobs to the area. The sign provides information, to travelers. It’s not like it is “Deja Vu”.