Upland’s new markers


If you’ve crossed the city limits into Upland, you’ve no doubt noticed their new markers. There are 10 at different points around town. They began going up a year ago and the final ones (which needed Caltrans approval due to freeway proximity) went up in the past few weeks.

The marker at the top is on Euclid Avenue at 7th Street; the one below is on Mountain Avenue at the 10 Freeway.

I may be writing a column about them soon. What are your thoughts? Do you like them or dislike them? How would you describe them?

They remind me of the monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” But so far I haven’t seen any primitive Uplanders worshiping it.

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    Does it seem that they change them every few years??

    The ones off campus and the 210 cannot be seen. No one on the 210 will know what city they drove by let alone stop at.

    Why did they put UPLAND at the bottom of the sign and the stores on top??? who will stop if they do not know where they are at? Who else would like a original Tommy’s at campus and the 210?????????

    thanks for listening

    [That’s what we’re here for, Christine. — DA]

  • Rebecca

    Are they marking something specific or just keep reminding you that your still in Upland?

    [Well, that you’re entering Upland, or leaving it, as the case may be. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez Fontana

    Maybe some Upland High kids as a prank could attach some green painted Styrofoam arms and paint a face for a “Gumby” character.

  • Bob Terry

    Maybe Upland has “sign envy”, what with the 2 new huge signs in Claremont off of the 10 fwy. Norm’s and Super Something. For a city that has major revenue issues, I think it’s a total waste of money….or maybe they figure they will be the only things noticeable after the Apes take over the I.E.

  • Clark Burnett

    I like the Upland City Markers. I assume the top portion of the marker represents our beautiful mountain skyline. They are very clean looking and just the right size. Large or oversized markers in some cities do not necessarily enhance or beautify a community. Congrats to the City of Upland. Job well done!

  • shirley wofford

    Very attractive!

  • Primitive Culture

    When I moved to Upland back in ’82, the boundary markers were skulls mounted on spears.

    [Gotta keep Ontario and Montclair at bay somehow. — DA]

  • Cathryn

    I think they are unattractive, especially the ‘rusty’ part. I would imagine that far too much money was spent for them.

    Perhaps a few dollars should have been spent to replant the Upland ‘hedge’ at Euclid and 7th street that was chopped to death by some errant city employee.

  • DebB

    I saw one of these for the first time yesterday, driving up Central Ave. The green certainly stands out! But the back is just plain rusty brown – kind of ugly when you’re leaving town (maybe that’s the idea!).

  • Christine A.

    I think they are ridiculously ugly and our money could have been better spent. Like bus benches for the little old people who wait out in the elements each day for a ride.

  • AC

    So a few years ago Claremont put money into some identifiers and directional signs to get people downtown. Then Rancho Cucamonga in the last year and half installed entry monuments and directional signs throughout the City. I think Upland felt a little pressure and envy to jump on the bandwagon. I feel the scale of the signs are not proportional, and you really can’t get the 3D effect of the mountains that is intended. Could have done better…