Pomona Arts Colony — as art


This nifty piece of art by Rose Tursi was forwarded to me and presents a colorful caricature of the heart of the downtown Pomona Arts Colony. Click on the image for a much larger version. It’s worth scrolling around it to look for details. (I like the skeleton in the dirt pit myself, and the Shadow in the apartment window.)

Which reminds me, Second Saturday, as the monthly Art Walk is known, is tonight. Probably the main event is the annual “Simply Red” show at the dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main St., in which every piece, in honor of Valentine’s Day, incorporates red. There’ll also be a party at the dA to mark Upland artist Dee Marcellus Cole’s 80th birthday. HB, Dee!

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  • Ren

    Dee Marcellus Birthday Party has moved to the end of the month, just going by what PACA wrote.

  • John Clifford

    Love both the Batmobile and Back to the Future cars parked on Main St. and Spiderman on the wall of Acerogami and the Time Machine on the roof of the bank building (previouly the Vault).

    Hopefully that wasn’t me pictured outside dba256. The beard is not white enough so hopefully not.