Column: Elephant-themed eatery is unforgettable

Sunday’s column (read it here) is mostly about the new Lucky Elephant restaurant in Ontario and its grand opening, which numbered among its guests officials from the Thailand consulate in L.A. There are a few other items as well to round things out.

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  • michael huffman

    Read your article on the thai restaurant seems like the locations and food prices would be nice.

  • barbara f

    Pomona Valley has a warm and longstanding connection with Thailand, as back in 1962 the King and Queen of Thailand visited and attended the equestrian shows at Cal Poly. Imagine, the crowned rulers of a nation sitting in the bleachers among other human beings, their seating wasn’t even selected for them, although the seats were in the shade. And they seemed to enjoy the show just like anyone else!

    [That’s a topic I should research. Charles Phoenix’s book says they also visited Betsy Ross Ice Cream. — DA]

  • barbara f

    The only other thing I know for sure is the couple still dined from gold plates when hosting important dinners back at home.