Burma-Shave replica, Ontario

58424-burmashave 009.jpg
58425-burmashave 008.jpg
58426-burmashave 007.jpg
58427-burmashave 006.jpg
58428-burmashave 005.jpg

The Hofer Ranch south of LA/Ontario International Airport displays an old-time Burma-Shave roadside jingle, which sold a brand of shaving lotion. The jingle is authentic but the signs are replicas, commissioned years ago by the late Paul Hofer Sr. The signs line Jurupa Avenue near Turner Avenue along the south end of the ranch.

You’re not supposed to stop, as it’s private property, but Paul Hofer Jr. gave me permission last fall to shoot photos. Here they are in sequence. And look for more about Burma-Shave in my Sunday column.

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  • Scott in the RC

    Everytime I fly out of ONT, I try to view the ranch from the sky. That’s the only way I could satisfy my curiosity with the ranch, because you can’t see much from the street when driving by. It looks beautiful, at least from the air.

    [I haven’t seen it myself, only the periphery between the fence and the street. The view over the fence was nice. — DA]

  • Ramona

    As a kid my folks and I would take summer road trips all over the country.

    We would have contests to see who could spot the Burma-Shave signs first. Seated in the back seat I was at a definite disadvantage but I got my share. I suspect my mom and dad were suddenly “distracted” much of the time.

    I had a notebook to keep a journal of our trips and I had a section just to record the Burma-Shave signs we saw.

    Thanks for the memories.

    [You’re welcome, Ramona. Stay tuned for Sunday’s column. — DA]