A note to readers

I’m taking a few days off, but columns written in advance will continue appearing, as will blog posts. Your comments, as usual, will continue popping up here as you post them (barring glitches). I’ll check in here as I can, but because I’ll be busy not working, don’t expect links to my columns, at least in a timely way, or much in the way of replies to your comments.

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  • Andy

    Journalists these days are forced into other things such as writing blogs….

    [And tweeting, etc. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Happy Trails To You D.A., but could you fill me in on a little mystery? What happened to Pomona Now? With the sad, untimely death of Chief Romero I can’t believe the last post was from July of last year. Ay Dios Mio!!!!!

    [If it’s been seven months since you checked Pomona Now, maybe that’s why there are no posts! Some of the reporters are diligent about keeping up their blogs (RC Now, Ontario Now) and some aren’t. — DA]