Belcher Ranch, Cucamonga

58461-Belcher Ranch painting by Marie Vecchio,s dad 1969-thumb-550x381-58460.jpg

Jane Vath O’Connell of the whimsically named Alta Cucawanda Friends group forwarded the above image (click on it for a slightly larger view) and says it was done by member Marie Vecchio’s father in 1969 and depicts the Belcher Ranch.

The what? She doesn’t know either. She adds: “I’m not having any luck researching this. Do you think your readers could help?”

If I know them, they can. Incidentally, O’Connell says Alta Cucawanda Friends is up to 550 members, who share information and photos about the history of Rancho Cucamonga and environs.

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  • Gavin

    If I were to research this, I would seek a librarian’s help in looking up family names “Belcher” and “Belchers” from that time period. Say, property record, and listing of vineyards or winegrowers. The foreground of the picture shows head-trained vines, Zinfandel, perhaps.

  • Gavin

    Two more pieces of clue:

    In a citys booklet, Historic Landmarks/Points of Interest, it references, “In 1934, several prominent families in the Cucamonga region formed the Cucamonga Pioneer Vineyard Association, including the Hofers, Thomases, Deberards, Millikens, and Belchers.”

    And querying the Cucamonga Pioneer Vineyard Association, you will come across a Master’s thesis at CGU: Hofer, James D. 1983. “Cucamonga wines and vines: a history of the Cucamonga Pioneer Vineyard Association.” 570pp. This seems like a good lead.

    [It does indeed. — DA]

  • Bob House

    John Belcher had a citrus growing operation in Etiwanda early in the 20th century according to a couple of Rancho Cucamonga “oral histories” online from area old timers. There is a collection of mammals at the San Bernardino County Museum named after Belcher, but oddly no information about Belcher on their website. I would assume someone at the museum could provide information about the Belchers.

    [You readers are really putting your back into this. Thanks, Bob. — DA]

  • barbara f

    There was a Robbie Belcher at Claremont High School c. 1962-64. Maybe he knows something more … if he’s still around to be found … Only one Belcher family in town at that time.

  • Derek Christensen

    During a cursory search, I found this fairly recent obituary (1920 – Jan 2012) for “Rosa R. Rodriguez Carrasco” wherein the text reads:

    “Raised on Belcher Ranch in Etiwanda, CA. Dropped out of Chaffey High after 2 years to work at Padua Hills as a waitress, seamstress and dancer.”

    Here is the link:

    Perhaps you could seek out her living relatives?

    [Well, perhaps the Alta Cucawanda Friends could. I’m only a bystander here. And thank you for the info. — DA]

  • Catherine Leffer

    I’m Rosa Carrasco’s granddaughter. I’m sure I can help with info re: Belcher Ranch. My Gram’s sister Josie is still living. My mother contacted her tonight and she said that she would start writing down her memories of the ranch.

    If anyone knows how I can get a copy of the painting of the ranch, my family and I would be most grateful.

    [Hello, Alta Cucawanda Friends? — DA]

  • Jane Vath O’Connell

    Catherine Leffer: Hi, I’m co-administrator with Sandy Chaffin for the Alta Cucawanda Friends group of facebook. I look forward to reading your stories!


  • Granny Andy

    1930 census has head-of-house John Belcher born 1896 living in Cucamonga. I just see the abstract so don’t have the address.

    Gender Age
    John Belcher M 34
    Spouse Laura Belcher F 34
    Child Laura Jean Belcher F 8
    Child Ruth Belcher F 4
    Child Barbra J Belcher F 2
    Fred Boan M 32
    Spouse Viola Boan F 26
    Child Gertrude Boan F 3
    Child Doris Boan F 1
    Harvey Boan M 34
    Ralph Boan M 22

  • Jane Vath O’Connell

    Thank you everyone for your information. David, your readers are the best!

    [You’re not kidding. They amaze me too. — DA]

  • Yolanda Flanagan

    My mother, Consuelo Chagoya, was born at the Belcher Ranch in 1930. My grandfather, Calistro Chagoya and the rest of the family, including his brother, Pete Chagoya worked at the ranch. My grandfather and his brother were drafted into the military while there, during WW2.