Bugs, Daffy, Porky and Mr. Leghorn in Cucamonga

58532-foghorn 004.jpg

Sunday’s column (read it here) sets out to document mentions of Cucamonga in Looney Tunes cartoons. Hey, if anyone was ever going to do that, I knew it had to be me.

Above is a moment from “Raw! Raw! Rooster” (1956), a Western Onion telegram illustrating the little-known fact that one of the best-known Looney Tunes characters actually resided in Cucamonga. Is there a more famous celebrity with a Cucamonga connection?

Move over, Jack Benny. Maybe the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center needs a statue of Foghorn Leghorn.

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  • Fred

    DA: Spider Man and his amazing friends also had the Jack Benny quote of Cucamonga…

    Statues of Foghorn and Spider Man at VG would be awesome!

    See link below for the Spider Man quote…

    [To save everyone the effort, I posted the exchange below. — DA]

    Spider-Man: So much for his plan to turn the town into Goblin City.

    Green Goblin: Wrong again, insect. There’s more than enough formula here for New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington…

    Spider-Man: Mona, I’d better stop him before he reaches Anaheim, Azuza, and Cucamonga.