In the footsteps of Holmes and the Ripper

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Wednesday’s column (read it here) is about my visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker St., London, and my participation in a Jack the Ripper walking tour. Above is another Daily Bulletin on Vacation shot of me outside the museum. They hand you a deerstalker cap to wear and a pipe to hold, and there’s a fellow there in a bobby outfit to pose with you. He didn’t know quite what to make of my request that he hold a newspaper, but one guesses he’s been asked to hold all sorts of odd objects in his day.

58888-londonparis 054.jpg

The museum itself is only so-so, the highlight being the version of Holmes and Watson’s study. Above is a portion of it, including Holmes’ chair. A dedicated Sherlockian could probably identify every object on display. His violin is clearly visible. There’s probably a 7 percent solution on the mantle.

There wasn’t much to shoot from the Ripper tour, but below is a shot toward the end, the spooky Christchurch of Spitalfields as the backdrop, the guide perched on a ledge in a stocking cap.

58886-londonparis 064.jpg

You can read about the Ripper here and about the tour here.

As for Holmes, read about the museum here and 221B Baker St. here.

Below is another Daily Bulletin on Vacation shot with the Holmes statue outside the Baker Street subway stop and a photo of the tile mural inside the station.

58887-londonparis 050.jpg
58889-londonparis 062.jpg
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  • Bob House

    Great photo David! Although Holmes may be concerned based on this quote:

    [about Blackwood coming back from the grave]

    Sherlock Holmes: Have the newspapers got wind of it yet?
    Constable Clark: Well, that’s what we’re trying to avoid, sir.

    Too late, the intrepid Daily Bulletin journo is all over it.

    [Hah! Take that, Holmes. Although I do him credit for being a newspaper fan; he’s reading multiple papers a day in many of the stories. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Could we call their study the original “man cave”?

    Put in British parlance, “It could do with a bit of tidying up.” Glad I’m not in charge of dusting.

    Someone chose the ideal candidate to be the bobby. He looks just like I’d expect a bobby to look. (I’m not sure what that means, either.)

    [Oh, bring back my bobby to me. And I like your man cave comparison! — DA]

  • DebB

    I remember going to 221B, but I think I decided the museum of a fictional person might not be worth the price, so didn’t go inside. I enjoy reading about Holmes, though!

    Are you aware that PBS has a new Holmes series, written by the writers of Dr. Who? The second season starts on May 6, according to the website. You might still be able to find the first season online. It’s set in the present, with Holmes admitting almost proudly to being a “high-functioning sociopath.” He’s appropriately intense, arrogant, brilliant. Watson, an army doctor who served in Afghanistan, tells Holmes’s stories on his blog. We met brother Mycroft (Home Office) early on, and in the last episode of the first season we met Moriarty.

    In one episode, Holmes is bored and shoots up the walls of 221B. His landlady, not the least bit concerned, indulgently tells him not to worry – a “nice murder” will come along soon!

    Although I enjoyed the recent movie with Robert Downey Jr., I don’t remember Sherlock being a buff action hero. I enjoy the PBS Sherlock much more — bizarre, quirky genius that he is.

    [You’re the second person to mention the show favorably to me in recent days, Deb. I should probably (ahem) investigate. — DA]