Chino Hills eatery has relative abroad


Sunday’s column (read it here) is about Mes Amis, the London sibling to the Chino Hills restaurant (my blog post about the latter can be seen here). Each is run by one of the Elias brothers: James in London, Sammy in Chino Hills. They serve Mediterranean food with a modern twist.

The photos here are by Peter Rogers, a Chino Hills councilman and professional photographer, who at the London Mes Amis last summer on vacation. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. Plenty to look at, isn’t there?

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  • John Clifford


    I’m surprised by your surprise at the clutter of the London Mes Amis. While the Brits are considered “reserved,” have you not heard of the Victorian’s “horror vacui?”

    You can read about it at Wikipedia ( It’s the Victorian’s practice of covering every blank space with “something.” Old Victorian homes had LOTS of knick knacks and artwork everywhere. They hated anything that was “empty.”

    Had you visited the Victoria and Albert Museum while in London you would have seen another great example of horror vacui as the museum is a maze with very little room to walk among the ancient Egyptian items and the things hanging from the ceiling and every bit of wall space covered.

    [John, I’m surprised by your surprise at my surprise. Not really, but I couldn’t resist. No, I’d never heard of “horror vacui,” but that’s fascinating. If I go back (when I go back?), I’ll have to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. — DA]

  • DebB

    Isn’t it odd how you can hear some word or term that you’ve never heard before, and then suddenly keep hearing it again and again? I was watching a crafting show on Saturday and they spoke of “horror vacui”. I was aware of the Victorian’s tendency to fill every available space with something, but hadn’t ever heard that term. On the show, they spoke of how the bed would have a bedcover, then a quilt, then a lap robe and maybe even a doily, all layered up.

    Mes Amis London sounds like a great place to visit. I’ll put it on my list, if I ever get back there. Meantime, maybe I’ll suggest a visit to the Chino location next time my family visits.

    [If you go to the local one, at least you’ll be 1-for-2. And that’s funny about your hearing the phrase “horror vacui.” It’s true that once you know a term, you tend to notice it, but that’s an awfully obscure one to hear twice in a couple of days! — DA]