Restaurant of the Week: Emiliano’s

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Emiliano’s, 896 E. Mission Blvd. (at Caswell), Pomona

Open only a few weeks, Emiliano’s replaced a seafood restaurant on the outer reaches of downtown Pomona. I met four friends there for lunch last weekend.

It’s a large place on a corner with a big, fresh parking lot. The restaurant interior features thick wooden tables and chairs, a ceiling with wooden beams and fans, adobe-like walls and a stage for live music on weekend nights. It’s a sitdown restaurant.

After above-average chips and salsa, our table got tostadas with shrimp and fish ($8), quesa fundido ($6), chicken enchiladas ($9.50), skewers ($11.50), huevos rancheros ($5) and, for me, mixed fajitas ($12.50, pictured). I can’t remember the last time I got fajitas; these came with shrimp, chicken and steak, onions, green peppers and tomatoes, and made for a filling meal.

Comments from our group were uniformly positive: “This is cool,” “I like the atmosphere,” “I would come back.” Also, “powerful jukebox,” a dry reference to the overly loud music that thankfully was only intermittent. Many of the prices on our menus were blacked out and not replaced by new prices, and the service was friendly but a little haphazard; we had to ask for silverware, that sort of thing.

So, Emiliano’s isn’t perfect. Pretty good, though.

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  • Bob Terry

    DA, were the shrimp and fish tostadas Ceviche style or just maybe grilled? The fajitas look great, just not sure where fajitas originated from. Thanks for helping Pomona’s sales tax base that day.

    [You’re welcome. And the tostadas were ceviche style. — DA]