He’s a joker

59229-joker 002.jpg

I’ve presented photographs of a few random objects found on the asphalt of Pomona, including a playing card. Well, I was walking in Claremont the other day along the woodchip-strewn path fronting the field station when what did I see but a different playing card. Fifty more to go!

As for the fellow on the card, some people call him Maurice.

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  • Holy blatant clues, Article Man! The next step is to ask Oracle if there’s a listing for a certain Jack Napier residing in Claremont.

    [The Joker is in Claremont? Quick, Allan! To the Articlemobile! — DA]

  • RC Jon

    Actually, a full deck has 52 cards, not counting the jokers.

    [Oh, right. OK, 51 to go (still)! — DA]

  • I wouldn’t take you for a toker. 🙂

    Incidentally, my favorite Steve Miller song is Seal’s cover of “Fly Like An Eagle,” when he launches into “Crazy” at the end. A 20th century mashup.

    [I’m not doing anything at midnight except sleeping. Miller was never a favorite of mine or anything, but I did buy his new-version best of. Those songs were part of the background music of my childhood even though I never owned any of his albums. — DA]