Game preserve?


This empty lot on the southeast corner of Arrow Route and Central Avenue in Upland has a familiar name among the brokers. Suggest your favorite ironic use for the piece of property. Mine’s in the headline.

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  • Ren

    Future site of the David Allen Museum.

  • barbara f

    Home to the Jacque Ellul Lending Library.

  • Ms. Lois


    My grandparents owned this land for years. It was a small lemon grove that they took care of. I grew up running around in the trees and eating lemons off the trees. My grandmother sold it back in the 80’s to the medical supply store owner who just went out of business.

    I say take it back to its roots (pun intended) and plant a lemon grove.

    [The oddest (and most delightful) connections surface on this blog. Thanks for the insights, Ms. Lois. — DA]

  • Stephen

    A Photo Safari of the IE’s most infamous elected officials…?

    [Nice idea, although we might need more acreage than this. — DA]

  • Ken McNeil

    Perhaps a taxidermy establishment?

  • Mary Kent

    The medical supply owner who bought it from the Lois’ family was the beloved Al Canestro of Upland (a former councilman & Kiwanian) who passed away last June.