In the red


I didn’t know the Staples at Foothill and Towne in Pomona had closed until noticing the shopping center had, er, thoughtfully painted out the store’s name on the pole sign with red paint.

Well, it’s eye-catching.

Did the office products store give itself a pink slip? Did the landlord employ a giant Staples remover? Insert your own lame jokes below.

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  • DebB

    Staples moved down the street to the corner of Foothill and White/Fruit in La Verne. Vons had moved out and the building got some upgrades. Marshalls moved in awhile ago, now Staples is there — just across White from the competition, Office Depot.

    [Sneaky. Thanks for the info, Deb. — DA]

  • Andy

    Oh what a shame…. perhaps it was the inevitable. The store was always nearly empty. I always felt as if I was one of the very few there purchasing their overpriced products. Pomona takes yet another hit.

  • Andy

    actually thinking about it more, how many major retail stores in Pomona are left?

    Home Crapot, Office Max (nearly devoid of customers), 99 Cent store, Walmart, Goodwill..

    Autocenter = dead. Toy R Us, Circuit S*ity, Staples, Home Base (now Winco foods)… all closed.

    Even markets die (Luckys –> Albertons –> International Market –> dead). Albertson on Garey dead. Stater Brothers by the DMV, dead. General Dyanmics dead. Rockwell Collins dead. Raytheon dead (well, their contract ended in 2004). ust wait until UTC moves Orbital controls away from Bonita and Garey.

    The city better do something.. there’s no retail tax base left.

    [Well, they’re trying. A Target is in the works, and as you noted, there is a Walmart. Mission and the 71 is far more attractive for developers now that the city built an interchange there. A demolition and makeover of the Towne and Foothill center (with spillover development on the south side of Foothill) was being planned before the recession. — DA]

  • Andy

    Where is the Target in the works? That will bring some good retail.

    They better do something fast. Shoppers would rather go to Chino Hills to do their shopping. Why shop at the Crossroads when you can go 2 more blocks and shop in Chino Hills?

    On the North side of Pomona there is no major retail, so it’s off to La Verne and Montclair. If you live by Westmont / Cal Poly it’s a short hop to Diamond Bar or even to all the retail on Valley and Grand in Industry / Walnut.

    Having lived on Foothill and Arrow for 8 years, we hardly ever shopped within Pomona. I really want to put money back into the local retail but there aren’t very many good ones. I felt the only retail money I ever spent in Pomona was on tacos, pho, and car repair.

    Mission and 71 will be tough. It might turn into another Crossroads. If there is retail there, you can get South POmona there, but can one get Diamond Bar and Phillips Ranch to shop there as well?

    [The Target would be on the former Auto Center property, not far from Walmart and Winco. As for other chains, it’s been said that Pomona is sort of the hole in the donut: Most chains are already in La Verne, Montclair, etc., the cities ringing Pomona, and thus too close for Pomona to get another location of the same store. — DA]

  • Dwight

    I see that Arco on Foothill at Lynoak is shut down. Also the Burger Bar next to Trader Joe’s in Claremont has closed…

    [No doubt those were handled more subtly. — DA]