Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 7


Can you guess where this photo was taken? Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

(And can you believe we haven’t done one of these quizzes since August 2011?)

* Update: Gavin correctly identified the location: the Rancho Cucamonga Civic Center. Congratulations! Maybe this will increase tourist traffic to City Hall. You have to see this ceiling firsthand to truly appreciate how odd it is.

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  • Rk

    Too easy! But I will gladly judge other answers…

    [Thanks for not spoiling it, RK. — DA]

  • Ted

    One of Los Angeles many city libraries. I belive it has some kind of Jewish ownership?

    [Uh, how would a city library have Jewish ownership? They’re owned by the public. Anyway, no. — DA]

  • Jane

    Your bathroom ceiling?

    [That would be a bit obscure for a contest. — DA]

  • Andy

    Somewhere in RC

  • Jane

    Obviously the West End Detention Center.

    [Obviously? — DA]

  • Andy

    Google images failed to find a similar image, but I’m sticking with my gut feeling that image is from RC. City Hall, some senior center, Central Park… I don’t know, but somewhere in RC because of the grapes.

    [Warm — DA]

  • Gavin

    The picture’s ceiling has eight (not 6!) beams separating 8 facets. The clouds background in the painted triangles are identical, so there are not skylights. Looks like each side of the structure has a set of 3 windows. And, Rk’s post narrows down the choices. Either it may be one of the library buildings or some place he has familarity with.

    So do a aerial view on Google map: not the libraries… and looks like it is the Civic Center Building in RC (10700 Civic Center Drive). I’ll call that the rotunda area of the building.

    [Gavin, you are correct! True, it’s a little dispiriting that no one seems to actually have been inside City Hall, but then, even for those who have, you really would have had to have been on the second floor to see the full glory and weirdness of the ceiling. The effect is reminiscent of stained glass windows in a house of worship, albeit one run by bureaucrats. — DA]

  • Gavin

    Thanks, David. Wish my text was submitted less in a hurry and better written, though. And the address should really be 10500 Civic Center Dr.

  • Andy Sze

    Google maps view

    One of the reasons why many may have never been inside RC city hall is that RC lacks an identifiable city center which drives less traffic to city hall. Aside from City Council meetings and permits, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to go to city hall.

    [You could probably pay your water bill there, but yeah, it’s a special trip unless you’ve also got business at the courthouse or sheriff’s station. — DA]

  • Gavin

    Is that octagonal space on the upper floor open to the public during business hours? Maybe, this could be a reason for a visit:

    With multiple windows on eight sides, that space must be illuminated quite well. Its neat to see how sunlight and shadows dance across the room over the course of a day, and to note those special points hit by the Sun on, say, the vernal equinox (which we just passed) or the summer solstice (coming in June). That room may feel like a sundial if you just imagine being there long enough.

    [Yes, it’s open during business hours. The city clerk and city manager’s offices are up there. I’m sure they’d welcome a visitor. However, if you stay long enough to observe the shifting patterns of light, they might get nervous. — DA]