A courthouse memento


There’s a long wooden bench for customer seating at Toyotech, an auto repair business in Montclair. Where did it come from? From the old courthouse that used to stand at Sixth Street and Mountain Avenue in Ontario, now the site of a shopping center.

Toyotech owner Rick Kaplan used to be a deputy in the sheriff’s substation at the courthouse, which closed in the late 1980s. The hard wooden benches were used as seating in courtrooms. The bench, salvaged prior to its demolition, showed up at Toyotech before Kaplan bought the business in 2004, but he recognized it.

“Everyone thinks it’s a pew from a church,” Kaplan said with a chuckle. “That couldn’t be further from the truth!”

The full-length cushion is a recent addition, a gift from a customer — and much appreciated.

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  • An Anonymous Guy

    I love stuff like this…. It makes our neck of the woods seem a little bit smaller, and I love finding out about the links to the past that can be found tucked away all throughout this region. But I have to say: C’mon!! It’s April 3! Aren’t you overdue for a Reading Log of the Month??

    An Anonymous Guy Who Should Learn To Relax And Appreciate Stuff He Gets For Free On The Internet
    (Certainly not Doug Evans)
    (Not from Chino Hills)

    [Huh! And I’d have guessed it was from Doug Evans. Well, look for a Reading Log later this week, An. Last week’s break put me behind, as did the fact that I had to take the photos again because I forgot to include one of the books. — DA]