‘Welcome to Upland’


This is the city limits marker that stood for decades on Foothill Boulevard at the intersection with Grove Avenue, greeting motorists entering Upland from Rancho Cucamonga. It was removed in late 2010 to make way for one of the new-style green pillars.

The marker was clearly out of date, but it had a kind of goofy charm. The crinkled “umbrella” seems to mimic the roof of the gazebo/roundabout downtown, while the bell inside it is probably a nod to the El Camino Real bells.

Funny, I’ve mentioned this monument to a few Uplanders who say they can’t remember it. Maybe this image will jog their memories. Never having studied the marker myself, I had remembered it as a kind of wishing well, but that’s obviously not the case either. Thanks to the Upland Development Services Department for providing the image to me for posterity.

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  • Ren

    Mr. Dave do you know if they saved any of it, it would be a shame if they didn’t.

    [They saved the bell. — DA]

  • Steve Dugan

    As a museum professional and a history buff I am both saddened and ashamed that I missed the removal of the sign AND the historical significance of each part.

    Ah, progress?

  • Will Plunkett

    That sign was near the old Hostess thrift shop, where I spent many a lunch break with a chocolate Frosted Donettes; or an orange Cupcakes two-pack; or in summertime, those baseball pattern (with collectible cards, minus the MLB logos on the photos) cupcakes; or Ding Dongs… sigh…

    […sigh… DA]

  • warren

    Gee, when I lived in Upland, neither the sign nor Rancho Cucamonga existed.

    [Sounds like you’ve been gone too long, Warren. — DA]