Column: Player at this piano could be you

59674-playme 003.jpg

Adam Pringle, left, and Mark Michaels team up on “Great Balls of Fire” shortly after noon Thursday in Claremont.

Sunday’s column (read it here) begins with an item about the “Play Me, I’m Yours” art project in Los Angeles County, which has installed an upright piano outside Rhino Records in downtown Claremont for anyone to play. The project’s website lists the sites of the 29 other pianos and has photos and videos, including from Claremont.

After that comes news of a recent visit by Tommy Lasorda to an Upland pizzeria, some cultural notes and a report from my Thursday screening of “Duck Soup” at the Ontario library. (Coming up April 19: “Take the Money and Run.”)

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  • Eric

    Was Lasorda at the Biagio’s in the Colonies?

    [No, the one on 7th Street. I probably should have specified. — DA]

  • Ted

    Sadly it went out of tune fast. I checked.

  • That’s Adam and Mark from PianoPiano!