I like Rancho Cucamonga’s directional signs to local sites of importance, but watch the arrows! This one, below Foothill on Archibald, facing motorists driving north, should be pointing up, as in “drive straight,” to get to the library and the winery.

Confusing matters further, reader Bob Terry, who took the photo, said the Chamber of Commerce is now on Arrow Highway, i.e., south of this sign rather than ahead or to the left.

Interestingly, a second directional sign on Archibald a few blocks south also had an arrow pointing in the wrong direction before it was corrected.

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  • Ramona

    This probably explains the dazed, confused, idiotic drivers I have to dodge every time I go out.

    Previously, I believed these menaces were just half asleep, too old, too young, or high on something.

    Come on, people! Pay attention to your driving!

    And, yes, you kids get off my lawn. The curmudgeon has spoken. (I know curmudgeons are usually crusty old men. I’m the exception to the rule.)

  • Andy

    The arrow pointed in the other direction because RC is a “Playful City.”

    [Ha ha! — DA]