Restaurant of the Week: Pizza n’ Such

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Pizza n’ Such, 202 Yale Ave. (at 2nd), Claremont

Not to be confused with Pizza ‘N Stuff in La Verne, its closest cousin by punctuation, Pizza n’ Such has been a Claremont fixture since 1979, family owned and operated.

A college and family favorite, the restaurant occupies a prominent corner downtown in a former bank, later a pharmacy, built in in 1912 — 100 years ago this year! — across from Starbucks and the Village Grille. In a nice touch, the blade sign on the corner is an altered and restored version of the pharmacy sign that hung there for many years.

The interior includes a wooden bar with beer and wine, green booths, dark wood, a high ceiling, original moldings and hanging lamps and fans. It’s classy but casual.

I end up there probably once a year and once had a birthday lunch there with a group. I went in recently for lunch because I had a birthday coupon for a free medium pizza as long as I ordered a starter. So I got the house salad ($4) and then a medium with spinach (usually $14).

Their crusts are soft and doughy and the pizzas generous with the tomato sauce. The result is a bit bland, but fair. By personal preference I’m more of a thin-crust guy, and with zPizza, Union on Yale and La Parolaccia all in the Village, Pizza n’ Such might be my least favorite Village pizza. (Prompting a question: Why hasn’t someone capitalized on the local nomenclature to open a Village Pizzeria?)

Pizza n’ Such, though, is a lot of people’s favorite, and if it’s not my first choice, and often I kind of overlook it, I’m always happy if a friend suggests meeting there: Oh, yeah, Pizza n’ Such.

Service is friendly and generally provided by high school or college students. Besides pizzas, they have sub sandwiches, salads and pastas, and for dessert they have Dr. Bob’s ice cream, a local favorite. That’s the n’ Such.

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  • The New Diner

    Come on David, you’re a The New Diner reader!! You should know there is already a Village Pizzeria in LA! The best thin crust NY style pizza in LA!

    But, I like your way of thinking, open a Village Pizzeria in Claremont!

    [I remembered the name, don’t fret. It’s generic enough that it would seem tough to trademark, so I figure someone else could open an unaffiliated restaurant under the same name. But, sure, if the LA guys want to open a Village Pizzeria in Claremont, so much the better. — DA]

  • Andy

    I’ve always been curious about this restaurant since it has a great looking exterior. I’ve never gone in, thinking this might be just another typical american style pizza. I’m assuming it’s more american style.. thick crust and lots lots lots of cheese from your pic.

    How do they fire they pizza.. brick oven or pizza oven, wood, coal?

    Dr Bob’s ice cream sounds vely intelesting……

    [My guess they use a regular pizza oven; at least they don’t make any claims that it’s anything fancier. Dr. Bob’s is made in Pomona and renowned for its quality. — DA]

  • Andy

    oh wow… Parolacia has a vely pizza menu… now that sounds like a must try. Thanks for the tip!

  • Ronald Scott

    My wife and I like Pizza and Such and get there at least 2-3 times a year. We also like the new Zpizza that popped up over in the Packing House!

    [Me too, Ron. I just ate at the latter on Monday. — DA]

  • John E. Bredehoft

    Last time I was there, I recall that they served beer from the local Dale Bros. Brewery. However, it appears that a LOT of local places are serving Dale Bros. these days, including some chain restaurants.

    [Good point; at one time this place was relatively unique in serving Dale Bros. Serving Dr. Bob’s is still fairly unique. — DA]