Column: Consider this an interim report on Upland’s transition

Wednesday’s column (read it here) is about Monday’s Upland council meeting, in which we learned about the city’s new interim city attorney and interim fire chief. Among other things.

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  • Bob Terry

    OK, in the famous words of Sgt. Joe Friday…”just the facts, ma’am”…does anyone else but me wonder if this is the same Jimmy Gutierrez that was the city attorney for Chino for who knows how many years ( 20? ) but was involved in a personal DUI incident? Is this the way attorneys “carpetbag” themselves for the “firm” and will Upland somehow wind up too stupid to know the difference? Good luck with your Lemon Festival and maybe LA County needs one more city to call their own.

    [It’s the same guy. He’s still Chino’s attorney. — DA]