‘My Little Pony Physics Presentation’

I was barely aware of an animated series for girls named “My Little Pony.” Then came a Los Angeles Times story headlined “Hey, it’s their ‘Little Pony’ too,” which explores the brony phenomenon: the bros (teen boys and adult men) who like the show about pastel flying ponies.

Partway through the story came two paragraphs about “Stephen Thomas, from Claremont,” who “became something of a brony celebrity when he based his senior high school physics presentation on ‘MLP’ last year. A video shot in the classroom and posted online quickly went viral; it’s racked up nearly 1 million views.”

I had to see this video. And now that I’ve found it, you can see it too, above.

According to its description of the high school assignment: “For our project, we had to find three scenes from any movie or TV show and use physics to find out if something was or wasn’t possible. I got 100% on it.”

Good job, bro.

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