Restaurant of the Week: Sushi Area 909

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Sushi Area 909, 9319 Foothill Blvd. (at Hellman), Rancho Cucamonga

The last time I ate at this place, near several other Asian eateries and a Chuck E. Cheese, it was called Sushi Wa. It was acceptable: pleasant, reliable, unexciting. After a name change, it’s part of a chain, with locations in Las Vegas, Henderson, Paso Robles, West L.A. and Wilshire Boulevard, presumably with area codes other than our beloved 909 attached.

I had lunch there Monday. My friend had the chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura lunch ($13) and I had a chirashi bowl of sashimi, vegetables and rice ($14); we also shared shrimp and mackerel sushi ($3 each). We weren’t blown away, but we liked what we had, and there was plenty of it. The menu has the usual assortment of rolls, plus udon, ramen, bowls and bulgogi (it’s evidently Korean owned). Friends have had ramen here and liked it.

Each meal also came with miso soup and a salad. My friend’s arrived several minutes before mine, and according to the menu mine wasn’t supposed to come with salad. Service may not be their strong suit.

So, new owners, new name, but roughly comparable to the old Sushi Wa: a decent mid-range Japanese restaurant.

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  • Andy

    I went here not long after we moved here last may. As I’ve said on Wendy’s former blog, I’d trade 5 sushi restaurant in Rancho for 1 decent ramen place.