Column: He wrote the book on Mexican food

60260-gustavoarellano 003.jpg

Friday’s column is about Gustavo Arellano, writer of the “Ask a Mexican” column and, more relevantly in this case, “Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America,” a new book. We had lunch at Ramon’s Cactus Patch in Ontario.

Here’s a piece Arellano just wrote for Reason magazine that puts forth his arguments in condensed form. And here’s the New York Times piece referenced in my column.

He’ll be speaking at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Carnegie Cultural Center, 123 E. D St. in Upland, cater-corner from the library.

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  • Loved the article and high five for introducing Gustavo to a local favorite. 🙂

  • Bob Terry

    In the middle 80’s to late 90’s when I worked in the O.C., I couldn’t wait until the new OC Weekly would be released (a free rag, to boot) just to read Gustavo’s column. As half a “homie”, some of his answers to the “anglo” letter writers were a real hoot and they mostly were about cultural differences, very seldom about food. So, now I can’t wait for every Wed-Fri-Sun to read David’s column. You two would make a dynamic jounalism duo…just not sure who the driver would be.

    [I’d be happy to be the backseat driver. — DA]