Wedgie alert!


Posters for a Bully Expo have popped up in Ontario and environs, and under the logic that brides are attracted to a Bride Expo (identical signs for that are nearby) and tattoo enthuasiasts to a Tattoo Expo, my worry is that this poster advertises (warns of?) a conclave of bullies.

Be afraid, Ontario. Be very afraid. These are not only bullies, these are bully conventioneers.

What might one expect at a Bully Expo? Submit your ideas and worst nightmares below.

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  • Allan

    Though it’d be interesting to see what a convention center full of bullies would look like, this is something I’d stay away from. Perhaps Article Man would be brave enough to find out and post his findings on the blog?

    You could post it on a Friday in place of your Restaurant of the Week since you would have been coerced to part with your lunch money anyway.

    Maybe with all the anti-bullying coverage in the media these days (cyber or otherwise), bullies are feeling bullied and are trying to regroup. (points and yells “Ha-Ha!”)

  • Ramona

    Bully Expo is just another name for high school reunions.

    The bullying I and others suffered through was mostly name calling without much physical contact. Still hurtful, though.

    I’d hear “You’re fat!”, “Four-eyes!” “I hate you. You’re too smart!” and the ever popular “You play a violin. What the (bleep) could you know.”

    The two kids with handicaps were prime targets, of course, and the rest of us losers tried to keep them close to prevent some of the abuse.

    Ah, yes. Good times. (NOT)

    While it sounds like sour grapes, I feel that those creeps actually did make me a stronger and more tolerant person.

  • Jonnie Owens

    This certainly caught my eye! I couldn’t imagine what the heck it could be so I had to go to Google for some help. This is what I came up with.
    Apparently a bulldog expo…but it’s interesting…the page says “THE ALL AMERICAN BULLY EXPO & AUTISM AWARENESS”. I’m not sure what the two have in common. Perhaps they’re raising funds for autism awareness, but if I had an autistic child, I sure wouldn’t want to show up at this and have them surrounded by bull dogs! I think they need to work on their marketing strategies!

  • Bob House

    Not bulldogs . . . Pit Bulls. Autism tie-in is a self-serving attempt to improve the image of Pit Bulls and their owners. Surprised a legitimate organization would participate in this event.

    [The Bully Expo is about pit bulls? And there’s an autism tie-in? This gets stranger and stranger. — DA]

  • Talbert Bott

    No such expo would be complete without an opening prayer, delivered from a bully pulpit, and a closing ceremony which includes a running of the bullies.

    [Agreed. — DA]