Column: Sun to set on patio cafe in Claremont

60275-harvardsquare 002.jpg

Sunday’s column leads off with the news that Harvard Square Cafe in Claremont is closing, at least temporarily. Then I walk you through a few other changes in the Village, drop south to Chino Hills for news about its plans for a community center, offer a few vignettes and wrap up with a Claremont joke (from a reader of this blog).

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  • Andy

    having eaten there a few times, the food doesn’t live up to its amazingly relaxing cute courtyard. the interior… bleh… so outdated.

  • Mary

    So sorry to see this. My friends and I were there the day Harvard Square opened! We spent many nights discussing our then teen kids and life! I wish I had a dollar for every glass of wine I purchased. All fun summer events were celebrated there/best duck and raspberry salad in town back then. A fun bar in the winter.
    OK, I think that the place could use a face lift/new, and more comfortable seating inside/perhaps a hot water washing of the bricks and some new plants for the outside/but hey, a little face lift will do the trick!We will miss you guys. I can honestly say the I spent every birthday there since the place opened!

  • Marian Nichols

    I remember the Village Theater, which was the original building before it got changed into Harvard Square Cafe and various shops. I would meet a Claremont High guy who was sweet on me, to watch a movie together. I was a freshman at Girls Collegiate at the time, probably in ’45 or ’46, and ride the Arrow Highway bus to Claremont. Life was so simple then.

  • barbara f

    Thank you, Marian, for recalling the old days of the Village Theater. I remember the endless stream of cinematic fare, mostly musicals (e.g., “South Pacific”) alternating with foreign films (e.g., “Mon Oncle” or “Mr Hulot’s Holiday”) offered there.

    I kinda wish the Arrow Highway bus was still running when I grew up in town (c. 1957 on) as I had to walk or ride my bike everywhere. That was OK, well to be truthful terribly scenic and downright pacific most of the time in that era, but mighty mighty hot come August September …

    The box office girl at the Village Theater wore a grey uniform which was a little military band in fashion statement, and she doubled (or tripled) as ticket taker and usher with flashlight.