• shirley wofford

    Hi David,

    I cannot do without the news in some form, on a daily basis. I always purchase the Sunday papers, but had been relying on the internet for other days, since I had too much paper piling up. You are certainly holding up your end very nicely. I am in fear right now, that the reporter, with whom you had so much chemistry, is looking for a good spot for you in Ventura. I hope she doesn’t look too hard.

    I do decry the fact that the DB doesn’t cover the City of Montclair like I think it should–I suspect that this is not where the subscriptions are. We have a very dangerous thoroughfare in the middle of town–Central Avenue. There are a number of accidents that occur, and we never see anything. Yesterday, we had a horrific crash at the intersection of Central and Palo Verde–I understand that one of the seriously injured three people is a fatality. Nothing on the internet last night–nothing in the paper today. I went to bed last night thinking about the families who received the awful news, and my heart goes out to them wherever and whoever they are.

    And then there is the lovely LA times. They have decided that since I am such a reader of the paper on line, and a participant on the blogs, that still exist there that do not require Facebook, etc., I must send them $4 week after I have looked at it 13 times in one month. I think their new membership plan will not be productive for them in the long run. I refuse to pay them $4/week, when there are so many other sites I can go to, instead.

    I also wonder how the Claremont Courier has been doing with their policy that interneters cannot view their news without subscribing.

    I went to LA on Friday (Metrolink) and picked up the LA Downtown News. There is a cartoon in it, by Doug Davis, about Jerry Brown and the 16 billion-dollar deficit that is absolutely hilarious–the cartoon, not the deficit. Anyway, you must see that cartoon. If you can’t see it some way, I could even drive it to you in Claremont or your office.

    Take care, and drive carefully.


    [Four bucks a week seems steep to not receive a physical product. As far as I know, the Courier is doing fine. And I just found the Doug Davis cartoon online — cute. — DA]

  • Andy

    Intelesting piece which made me think, I’ve tried doing print subscription and it doesn’t work, it never shows up at my door step. I’ve tried the digital edition and the interface is horrible and you have to log into their website to read it. Next thought, what about an app version of the DB? I would pay for that and read it anywhere. So I searched and there’s only an iPhone app, no Android.

    [I have the DB app on my Android. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I must correct a falsehood I told on my post here. The accident I described was reported in the Montclair City Manager’s weekly report. The motorist I had reported as a fatality is still alive, I am told in that report. I wish a full recovery for him, whoever he is. I have learned my lesson–never believe what the eyewitnesses tell me, unless I was an eyewitness myself–and don’t repeat the stories I have not yet verified.

    [We’ll make a journalist out of you yet, Shirley. — DA]