Hoyt Lumber and its wooden greeters

60512-hoytlumber 001.jpg
60516-hoytlumber 003-thumb-200x266-60515.jpg
60514-hoytlumber 002-thumb-200x266-60513.jpg

Hoyt Lumber in Upland closed last weekend after it and its predecessor, Rugg Lumber, had been in business at that location since 1929. My colleague Sandra Emerson recently wrote about Hoyt’s closure.

I was curious about the two wooden figures on the facade. The story behind those can be found in my Wednesday column. Above is the overall view; at immediate right is the figure to the right of the sign, who’s holding a hand saw; at far right is the figure to the left of the sign, who carries an electric saw. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

And feel free to leave comments about the business or the figures.

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  • Andy

    Those statues would look great on my front lawn.

  • John Crowe

    My Dad and I bought the lumber for his patio cover back in 1985 from Hoyt lumber. We needed rough un-planed lumber and they were the only ones that had it. It’s too bad they are gone. With the tough economic times they are probably the hardest hit. On a high note the Patio cover is still standing but my father at 91 recently departed this world in November 2011. The building of the patio cover became one of my Father’s favorites stories which he told all these years. Sorry to see them go. John Crowe