Ray Bradbury in Pomona

Ray Bradbury, author of “Fahrenheit 451,” “The Martian Chronicles” and so much more, died Tuesday at age 91. One of his last public appearances was in October 2010 at Pomona’s Western University in conjunction with the Big Read of “Fahrenheit.” Video excerpts of that talk are online. It’s on the medical school’s website.

Slowed by a stroke and other health problems, Bradbury doesn’t look or sound good, but his mind is still there. One timely, and timeless, quote: “I believe in libraries. They’re more important than universities, they’re more important than colleges. Libraries are the center of our lives.”

Claremont Graduate University has also posted videos to Bradbury interviews in its archives. There are 11 in all, done for Santa Barbara TV and dating back to 1985, and maybe earlier, showing a more vigorous man (one who, in the 1985 chat at least, favors tennis wear to book interview shows!).

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