Column: At least one Metrolink fare isn’t rising

Friday’s column brings the welcome news that Metrolink’s amazing weekend pass deal is still in force despite fare increases. You can also read about a band made up of Rancho Cucamonga city employees. Also, various cultural offerings and a Claremont police blotter item.

No Restaurant of the Week today…I’ve been on vacation since Tuesday after writing columns in advance. Back at it next week. If you want to see what I’m up to, I’ve been tweeting photos at @DavidAllen909.

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  • Evelyn George

    How did you get to LACMA? My way of getting there on public transportation was Metrolink to Union Station, purple line to Wilshire and Western, and then the dreadful bus ride to Fairfax and Wilshire. Is there a better way? If there were I would go there far more frequently than I do now and take people with me as well.

    Please respond in one way or another. I am certain there are others in the I.E. who would benefit from the information.


    [No, Purple Line subway and then a bus is the only way to get there, other than taking a bus directly from Union Station. I like the Rapid buses (they’re clean and don’t make many stops) and in some ways prefer them to the subway. You get to look at the scenery and enjoy the sunshine. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I am embarking on a mission to encourage my RPEA cohorts to lay the pension issues aside, for times of leisure, and get on the Metrolink. I have pointed out how a senior can take the Metrolink to Union Station and take the connecting transportation to CA Plaza free, currently, until the TAP cards are enacted (another issue to study).

    Thanks to the courtesty of officials at CA Plaza I was able to get everyone in my RPEA meeting group a schedule of events for the summer. Alas, I think that Metrolink has gone downhill in the customer satisfaction area. I wrote two e-mail letters months ago which remain unanswered and several phone calls that promised to mail me the mini-“All Lines” time-tables. They said I cannot pick them up in person because they are only at a call center in Orange County. After waiting for a request form that they promised but never sent, I got one by e-mail and mailed it in over a week ago. The call center doesn’t know what happened to it and I haven’t received the schedules. My meeting is next Wed. I am frustrated–I might as well have been talking to some of those people in India.

    Such as it is, I still recommend Metrolink for entertainment at CA Plaza. They are going to have a “Dirty Dancing” show on Friday night June 22, with free salsa lessons. It will be very entertaining and fun, is free, and the San Bernardino Metrolink doesn’t depart Union Station until 11:00 p.m. Alas, I will be out of town. I think it is an event you would enjoy David–and so would your readers.

    Another great event at CA Plaza will be July 22–they are featuring a famous Cuban band–there will be salsa dancing all over the place. I can’t go to that one either. Go, David! Metrolink doesn’t depart from Union Station until 11:30 p.m. that night. There is safe, close subway transportation back to Union Station from CA Plaza which is located next to Pershing Square on Grand Ave, between 3rd and 4th, a couple blocks south of Disney Hall.

    Regarding the way to get to LACMA. The Rapid Bus from Wilshire and Western is great even if you have to stand, and it is worth it to see LACMA and the other museums on that street.

    I am also looking toward taking that new Expo rail line to the Museum of Natural History–it is said to have the best collection of dinosaur bones anywhere–the best T-Rex.

    [I’m looking forward to taking the Expo line as well. And I agree that even standing on the Rapid bus is worth it. But not everyone is as freewheeling as us. — DA]

  • Andy

    I am not sure why ppl are so adverse to the implementation of TAP cards. Being in Hong Kong and using mostly public transportation for my needs, I’ve only paid 1 cash fare on out of 30-40 public transit trips I’ve utilized in the last week.

    Here in HK, the cashless system is king. Metro, bus, ferry, train, parking meters, McDonalds, grocery stores, 7-11, certain department stores, drug stores, parking lots, even vending machines all take cashless payment. The through put of people and ease of use is stunning.

    People also prefer to use cashless sytem for payment of things because you don’t need to pocket coin change and it speeds up the queue. You always have the option to buy a singleuse ticket and go through a turnstile, but why? That’s just a waste of time. Dump cash into your transit card and away you go. It’s purely anonymous without any linkage to your identity.

    Second thing I don’t understand, is why don’t all the transit agencies use the TAP card? Here in HK, all the transit agencies use the same transit card system. Transfering from on agency to the other is seamless. Why can’t LADOT, metrolink, OCTA, Foothill Transit, METRO, Montebello, Culver City Bus, Alhambra transit, OMNI trans, Flyaway, even the parking meters, etc etc etc all use the same transit card system?

    Why don’t those MTA, Metrolink ppl travel the world and see how other countries do it?

    [I loved using the Oyster card in London, another cashless system. As far as LA goes, it’s not obvious where to buy a TAP card or where to refill it; they don’t seem to do either at Union Station or subway stations, which would seem to be the logical places. Where the heck would Metrolink sell them? I think that’s why the agency has stalled on implementing it. I’m opposed to the TAP card only in the sense that the current free-transfer system benefits those of us in the outlying areas, a rare circumstance. — DA]