Daily Bulletin on Vacation

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60610-dbonvacation 003.jpg

As any good Daily Bulletin reader does when embarking on a vacation, I packed a copy of the newspaper and enlisted someone to take my photo in a picturesque spot. My visit to the St. Louis area to visit to my parents included a Cardinals game.

Above, I’m oblivious to the action on the field or to the city skyline because I’ve got a newspaper to read, darnit. At right, after the Cards’ 6-2 loss to the Indians, I commiserate with a bust of the late broadcaster Jack Buck outside the stadium. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for the camerawork.

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  • At least you could have been reading the sports section…

    [The poor sports section never gets any DB on Vac love. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    At least you were in the shady section of the stadium. I hate Sunday 1pm games at Dodger Stadium sitting in the sun.

    [You’re right. Even though it was an evening game, west-facing fans had the sun in their eyes for an hour. But not us. — DA]

  • Mark Allen

    That parking garage, and its westward sibling, fit in much better when dwarfed by Busch Memorial Stadium, like modernist twins suckling at the multipurpose stadium’s teats.

    (Wonder what Freud would have to say about that sentence.)

    Now it’s just an abomination with a giant lawn/parking lot next to it.

    Onward to progress! Ho!

    [Ho! — DA]

  • Mark Allen

    Gotta note that as an editor of sorts, “Catholic event debated” has to be considered pretty outrageous headline writing.

    The firebrand who pecked that upon the keyboard should be reprimanded for making newspapers too exciting.