Column: Only the alert can follow ‘Big Sleep’ plot

60664-bigsleep 002.jpg

Friday’s column is about my attendance at a screening of “The Big Sleep” in downtown LA on Wednesday night, as well as my taking public transit both ways. Read it here. To read more about the film, the Wikipedia page is here and an entertaining collection of dialogue is here.

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  • DebB

    I find that I never really like movies made from books I love. The movie makers have their own agenda, and change too much of the story for my taste.

    In this case, they’ve made a number of plot and especially character changes, with the purpose of featuring the Bogart/Bacall connection. Their characters are put together much more in the movie than in the book, and I think that is part of what makes the movie more confusing.

    You can tell your boss – in the book, neither the guy nor his henchmen did it – the girl did!

    [No wonder having read the book didn’t help. — DA]