Column:Budget may close book on Pomona library

A budget shortfall may mean the closure of Pomona’s city library and the dismissal of all its employees. My Thursday (!) column, on Page One (!!), is an exclusive I’d rather not have had.

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  • DebB

    That’s VERY disturbing – I just don’t know what else to say.

  • Marc

    Utterly shocked.

    As a boy growing up in Pomona during the 60s, the library was where I went to learn about sharks and snakes and rockets. These subjects became part of my professional life (at one time or another) over the succeeding 45 years.

    I spent hours too great to calculate there, learning as much as I could about the world around me. And with the able assistance of more than a few librarians, that mission was accomplished.

    The idea of closing “my” library is beyond depressing. Learning it’s only been barely open for some time now, certainly represented its death knell.

    If my many nieces and nephews are any indication, reading is chiefly a hobby of older (40+) folks. Young people simply don’t read the way prior generations did. And they are diminished because of that.

    They’ll probably turn the building into a battery-charging station for cell phone-addled zombies. Whose idea of reading is stacking idiotic acronyms upon a tiny keyboard and calling it communication.

    Our world just became a bit darker.

  • Sigh. Hard to imagine that beautiful sanctuary gone. I remember how modern and cosmopolitan it felt to me when it opened. Many times I’ve told people all about the Laura Ingalls Wilder Children’s Room, Miss Weber the Children’s Librarian, having some of LIW’s manuscripts encased, and the large map that depicted the family travels by book. (All before Little House on the Prairie, the TV show!) A sad story today, indeed.

  • Susan Tarvin

    Wow! I started woking there when it was only 5 years old! It was gorgeous! Some of my best memories are at the Pomona Library. I worked with Hal Watson and Greg Shapton. I transfered to City Hall in later years, but my heart was always at the library. I worked for the City of Pomona 33 years. This is a tragedy!! I know that it can be rescued if the people rally for support from the council.

  • The one bright spot in all of this was in M-M-M-My Pomona’s coverage of the potential library closure, in which you were referred to as “D-Bomb.”

    Now all you have to do is release a rap track, earn a couple of million dollars from it, and donate the proceeds to the city to keep the library open for a while.

    Sadly, even this wouldn’t help in the long term.

    [Let’s skip it then. — DA]