Column: He’s now a card-carrying library supporter

Wednesday’s column is an update on plans to close the Pomona Public Library. The City Council on Monday postponed discussion for a week in hopes of coming up with an alternative. I detail some of the city’s budget woes. Also, I take what might be termed an overdue (har!) step to support the library. Read it here.

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  • John Clifford

    No accompanying photo of you holding your card? I carried one for years in my wallet and it must have been put somewhere during a wallet cleanout. I love the library but, like you, haven’t really needed to check anything out.

    [I did tweet a photo of the card itself and wrote that it might be a future collectible. — DA]

  • Ignacio Palomares

    Ay Dios Mio! What is one of the first words you learn in Spanish 101…la biblioteca, the library! My relatives all spent many productive hours at that library, except for a couple of “mom, I’m going to the library” ways to get out at night. But it is so sad to see my beloved city is falling apart. I praise the Tessiers and others who are investing their time and money into the city and I question the ones who say no to the transfer station or any other endeavor that brings money to the city.