Column: Without Ray Bradbury, summer won’t be the same


Photo by Jeff Malet, Western University of Health Sciences

Sunday’s column is a tribute to Ray Bradbury, who died June 5. I’m late with this, I know, but vacation, council meetings, possible library closures and other matters delayed me. The photo was taken in Pomona before Bradbury’s talk in October 2010; it may have been his last public appearance. Read the column here and feel free to comment if you ever met Bradbury or read him.

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  • Bob House

    Outstanding column David. Worth the wait. The depth of feelings and quality of writing honor your favorite author.

    [I appreciate that, Bob. There’s so much more I could have said, and better, but I hope I hit the high points. — DA]

  • Denise Daugherty

    After weedwacking my backyard Sunday morning, I sat in the shade to read the paper and another David Allen column. It was so emotionally moving and I again regretted not having seen Ray Bradbury at Mrs. Nelson’s in La Verne some years ago.