Column: Diplomat finesses role in Zappa prank


A famous prank at the Claremont Colleges is detailed in my Friday column (read it here), which sheds some light on the day when Frank Zappa’s name and visage was added to the frieze atop Bridges Auditorium.

Above and below are two views of the handiwork, courtesy of the Honnold Library archives. Munter’s speech can be seen on video or a transcript read here.

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  • barbara f


  • Billy Jack attack

    I graduated CHS class of 87. It’s funny how the spirit of such pranks carry over for generations although our pranks were relegated to trying to get Willig trucking company stickers in visibly high places that custodians would not easily be able to remove.

  • DebB

    I guess it’s possible that he and some high school buddies did it a few years after graduation, but it sounds a little questionable, doesn’t it? I have to say that whoever did it – they really did a good job!

  • Dave in Menominee

    Really cool…but they added a pot leaf along with FZ. Zappa was totally against drugs, spoke out against them for decades, and didn’t use them himself. Sadly misleading to connect FZ with pot.

    [True. -- DA]