Column: Cash for gold, yes; cash for Gold Line, no

Sunday’s column discusses the murky status of the Gold Line light-rail line that is, or at least was, supposed to make it to the 909 in coming years. It’s looking less likely. Read the column here.

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  • shirley wofford

    Well David, it’s obvious that there will be no Gold Line pulling into Claremont or Montclair, during my lifetime. Thinking positively, I never thought a commuter train was going to happen during my lifetime, either, and I still pinch myself.

    Speaking from the angle of engaging in recreational activities, I will still need to travel to LA by Metrolink first, in order to get the Gold Line to Pasadena. It is all worth it for one who has the time–you can go places and do things that you never envisioned you would be able to do.

    I do feel sorry for the current and future students and workers that will not have this leg of the GL to ease their commutes. They should not be treated this callously! Not even to mention, the unemployment picture in this area could have been lessened.

    As for the meeting not starting on time, and the respective MTA Board members just wandering in and out of the session–that is outrageous! Imagine our local officials just traipsing in and out of the Council meetings, when they feel like showing up.

    [The MTA is kind of like the state Legislature or Congress or the LA City Council in that regard. Everyone sits down for the important votes but some of the biggest of the bigwigs have other things to do (or believe they do). — DA]