Column: Spider-Man was almost an also-ran


Wednesday’s column is — why not? — a brief history of the creation of the Spider-Man character by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, just in time for the week’s big movie. To explain the headline above, the comic in which Spider-Man first appeared was canceled after one issue. Read my column here.

You can find all sorts of stuff online about Spider-Man, Lee and Ditko, but let me link to the Jonathan Lethem essay I quote from in the column.

The art is the penultimate panel from Amazing Fantasy 15, the first appearance of Spider-Man.

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  • Will Plunkett

    I had a chance to buy a VG (about 75% ‘mint’ condition) Amazing SM #1 for about $1500 about 25 years ago, but the problem was I was like Peter Parker with discretionary income. Spiderman was always my favorite super hero (Superman, Batman, the Thing were also up there). I kicked the comic book collecting habit about 20 years back (I was on a first-name basis with a couple comic book shops and a regular on new comics Thursdays), but I still engage in ‘recreational’ collecting. I can quit any time I want…

    [Of course you can. — DA]