Column: Claremonter carries a torch for London

61085-londonparis 070.jpg

Sunday’s column (read it here) is about Gretchen Fagg, a Claremont native who now lives in London and loves it. She works for the Mayor’s Office on Olympics planning, so she’s right in the thick of things this summer.

I interviewed her when I was in London in February and saved my notes until closer to the Olympics, when the column would be of more interest. Consider it one last salute on my part to my Great Britain vacation.

The photo at right was taken on the Westminster Bridge over the Thames on a wet (so what else is new?) afternoon with the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben in the background. It screams “London,” doesn’t it? Then Gretchen offered to take my photo. That one is below. I didn’t know what else to do, so I spread my arms.

61084-londonparis 076.jpg
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  • John Clifford

    Nice to see you holding up the British government. Always on the job, eh?

    [With characteristic British reserve, I shall make no comment. — DA]

  • Sonja Stump

    Thanks for the great column about Gretchen. You should be very pleased about how a great number people read your column David! (considering all the calls and emails we have received about Sunday’s & Bob had many people comment at the Concert in the Park last night) I really liked the photo you took of Gretchen, I am her mother so maybe it doesn’t count. I like yours too and that does count!

    [Sonja, that was indeed gratifying to hear. Nice knowing, too, that a professional photographer like yourself liked the photos. It doesn’t bother me that you’re her mother. I’ll take a compliment from anyone. — DA]