• Ms. Lois

    Thanks David for keeping us updated on our jobs. We’ve always been able to count on you.

    [You’re welcome, Ms. Lois. — DA]

  • Andy

    The city just gets worse and worse while the surrounding cities get better and better.

    Now I’m curious, let’s say this parcel tax makes it onto the ballot and I own a house in Pomona but I’m not registered to vote there, does that mean I have no say in how I’m going to be taxed?

    does anybody know?

    [Beats me. — DA]

  • Danny Mac

    Now I know why after 30 years of giving my heart and soul to my hometown of Pomona I was wrongfully terminated by the city. I was a budget problem not a hostile and violent employee and untruthful as the City labeled me.

    Many 25-30 year employees lost their job the last 2 years but were allowed to retire gracefully. Not me, thrown out of City Hall within 10 minutes after being called to a meeting that my union or myself knew the subject matter of. The City made false accusations against me that were proven untruthful and inaccurate and most of the upper management that made this decision are longer with the City. Either they resigned or were fired except the City Mgr and City Atty along with the City Council who wouldn’t review a 30 year employee’s case for him for accuracy.

    Unemployment believe me, my co-workers believe me, my friends and family believe me, the Administration didn’t. I planned on working another 5 to 10 years like my mentors did so the city made up an investigation that I had nothing to do with to fire me. After you step away you see the corrupt and fraud that management does and now they’re asking the citizens to bail them out.

    Sorry to be so down David on the library subject but I been going to the library since the late 50’s when it was on Main and Center and continue to love it and it’s richness. The City should show all citizens the revenue it makes on a monthly basis and have accountability to each penny that is spent in the past and present and future.

  • John Clifford

    To Andy,

    You’ll need to be a registered voter in the city to vote on ANY tax items (there are 4 this year). You also need to be a registered voter in the city to vote for the council people and mayor who make a lot of laws that affect your property. This is the way that it is in most cities. I believe that there is an exception for things like special districts (lighting districts, BIDs, etc. perhaps someone else knows), but not general taxes.

    But then you get to vote on taxes in your city that affect property owners who don’t live there as well.

    [Thanks, John. I figured that was the case but didn’t want to assume. — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    I’m sure the 5.00 fee for out of county new library card users isn’t making for happy readers either.

    [Small price to pay, though. — DA]

  • Andy

    Thank you for the info John.

    I need to do more research but I own houses in 2 cities. Im registered to vote in Pomona. In state and federal issues, I should only be allowed one vote, but for municipal issues that directly affect my property I feel I should have a vote regardless if I live there or not. If my parcel is being taxed, I should have a say.

    I need to do some more research to see if there are exceptions in matters such as this. However, I doubt there is. If a renter can vote on property tax issues (recall Measure RR for San Antonio college district) when they do not own property, then why should I be given a vote just because I own property.