Two days in LA

I haven’t shared anything here about a Metrolink weekend in a while, but I had one this past weekend. You can read about, and see photos of, some of the activities below on my Twitter page, @davidallen909. In short, I bought a $10 weekend pass and took off.

Saturday I rode the Purple Line and the Rapid bus to LACMA, where I got in for free through a great deal for BofA customers: free admission the first full weekend of the month. After a snack at one of the lineup of food trucks across the street, I caught a couple of exhibits, met up with a friend and saw “Levitated Mass,” the 340-ton rock. Very big, very cool. (Seeing the rock is free to all.)

We walked to the Farmers Market and had a late lunch at Short Order, then walked back to LACMA where I took the bus and subway back to Union Station.

Sunday I took the new Expo line to the 33rd Street stop and walked to Mercado La Paloma, where I had lunch at Chichen Itza, a Yucatecan restaurant. I had conchinita pibil (a kind of slow-roasted pork), which I’d been introduced to in Mexico City, as a torta. Quite good. I then walked along Jefferson to Exposition Park and strolled through the Rose Garden before taking the Expo Line back downtown.

There, I peeked around the green construction barrier to eyeball the Grand Park between City Hall and Bunker Hill, which opens later this summer, before walking back to Union Station for the ride home.

On both Metrolink rides, I read newspapers and almost the entirety of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella “At the Mountains of Madness” while leaving the driving to others. And all those trips and transfers cost only $10.

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  • Andy

    oh wow.. levitated mass is ready now?!!!! You can walk under it?

    Are the gates on the Red line activated yet? If they are, how do you transfer with your metrolink ticket?

    [To answer your questions in order: Yes. Yes. No. N/A. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    You beat me David. I am still planning to ride the Expo line, when I can find the time.

    I went with a friend to the Rose Garden and Natural History Museum, in 1996. We used the Metrolink, Red Line, Blue Line, and DASH. We ran into the Channel-2 weather-man at the time, Steve Rambo. He was going to broadcast the weather report from the Rose Garden. He was polishing his Harley–we were invited to sit on it and use my camera to have our pictures taken with him.

    Lots of fun in those early days of Metrolink, learning to get around, using the different connecting-tranportation modes. A few months after that trip, we used the same modes to go to the Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Shrine Auditorium.

    [And now you can get to the Shrine using the Red and Expo lines. (Or probably by using a DASH bus from Union Station, although I’ve never taken the time to investigate its routes.) I haven’t taken the Gold Line Extension any farther east than Little Tokyo, and it’s been open nearly three years, so you may have me beat on that, Shirley. — DA]