Column: At least Ontario Arby’s was popular on TV

61179-arbys 020.jpg

Sunday’s column (read it here) begins with the unexpected fame of the Arby’s across from Ontario Mills, which was featured in several of the chain’s commercials. Yet that wasn’t enough to spare it from closing.

Below is a commercial featuring Kathy Griffin evidently filmed at least in part at the Ontario Arby’s. See three other commercials here, here and (most curiously) here.

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  • Arby’s is delicious, AAAND Good Mood Food; sad to see it’s closing store after store!

  • So where does one go for an Arby’s roast beef sandwich? Where is the closest operating Arby’s within a twenty-mile radius of, say, Pomona?

    [I know there’s one on Foothill in Upland. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Tim, the closest Arby’s to Pomona are in So. Ontario, Archibald & 60 fwy., and Upland on Foothill across from Memorial Park. But, the one in Upland looks pretty shabby due to the dead grass surrounding it.

  • During the height of the Taco Bell “taco filling” vs. “meat” lawsuit, Arbys lost a great opportunity to take a jab at a competitor by marketing their sandwiches with the slogan “This good food moo’ed!”

  • DebB

    Whole Foods! Whole Foods! Whole Foods! Whole Foods! Love it (but I always spend too much there)!

    [My colleague Sandra Emerson gave me the idea, to give credit where it’s due. — DA]

  • Andy

    I hope that Arby’s closing is a sign of a changing palate, but is it?? Cold Stone, I don’t see how these stores even stay in business. Once a fad, but now seen as wildly unhealthy, but yet in more urban areas, artisan creameries are thriving on high fat, inventive ice cream.

    In more urban areas, mass produced franchised food doesn’t compete that easily against small restaurant and artisan eateries.

    Or perhaps, in the IE, the fast food and franchise market is overly saturated.

    [My guess is that Arby’s is considered passe and Cold Stone was a fad, not just here but everywhere else. — DA]

  • CAwezzie

    We have a relatively new Arby’s in Chino Hills near my workplace. It is on Chino Hills Parkway tucked next to Lowe’s east of Ramona in the same center with Lucille’s BBQ, BJ’s Brewery and according to posted signage, an upcoming Souplantation!

    [Thanks for chiming in. — DA]

  • Andy

    I wonder if the Ontario Arby’s has genital burning urinals?

    [I thought they only roasted the beef. — DA]

  • DAve

    Arby’s decided to stop funding the fight against voter fraud by defunding certain shows they advertised on. Alienated their key demographic, the types of people who actually used to eat at Arby’s, for fear of threats of a boycott (corporate blackmail) from the type of people who would never be caught dead eating there. Bye bye Arby’s.

  • Jason

    I think the bigger question here is, what ISN’T on You Tube???