Still dancin’

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My friends and I have been fascinated with the fellow we call the Dancing Man ever since seeing the grayhaired Energizer Bunny dancing nonstop in the balcony at the LCD Soundsystem concert at the Fox Theater in Pomona in June 2010 and then, a month later, spotting him shaking his moneymaker at the Swell Season/She and Him/Bird and the Bee concert at the Hollywood Bowl. One friend has spotted him on three other occasions in L.A. since then, always at concerts, always dancing.

Watching “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” the LCD Soundsystem documentary, at the Claremont Laemmle 5 on Wednesday night, a friend and I were delighted to see the man onscreen for two seconds, dancing away. A half-dozen people in the row behind us gave a gasp of recognition, as if they too had seen him before. (My friend, by the way, was the same guy who told the Dancing Man to sit down at the Fox. He feels bad about it.)

I had to find out more. Turning to Google, I made the hail-Mary move of searching for “LCD Soundsystem dancing man.” Because the Internet is amazing, the second result was the above video, titled “Old guy dancing before LCD Soundsystem show at MSG.” It is, without a doubt, the Dancing Man!

The YouTube viewer comments:

“I remember this guy, and everyone loved him. let him rock, let him be.”

“i love this guy! ive seen him at the xx, local natives, and almost acoustic christmas this year. gotta give him props for having awesome taste in music and some pretty badass dance moves.”


If anyone can identify him or put me in touch with him, I’d love to interview him. I don’t care if he lives in Santa Monica or San Bernardino, he’s a legend who deserves a newspaper column.

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  • Canan Tasci

    I will say this, the Dancing Man has better moves than most people I know who say they’re great dancers.

  • Jeff Miller

    He’s a friend of mine…I just sent this to him. I imagine he’ll be in touch 🙂

    [Best news I’ve had all week. — DA]

  • Shelly

    This is Howard. He’s been dancing non stop forever. Glad to see he’s been noticed! 😀

    [A first name. We’re getting closer. — DA]