Fontana mirage?


James Rodriguez of Fontana spotted the above scene on Foothill Boulevard just west of Bono’s restaurant and orange stand. As you can see more clearly below, the figure is a mannequin, one who seems perpetually on the verge of crossing into traffic. “Whenever I pass it,” Rodriguez says, “I notice everybody, especially the men, do double takes.”

The business is named There is a Difference Auto Body and Glass. Rodriguez took a vehicle in to be painted and found out more. “I asked if the mannequin had a name and was told her name is Lola, and they actually shop for her wardrobe.” He confirmed that by looking up the address on Google street view, where he saw Lola in a red dress.

“By the way I would like to give plug for this shop. They did an excellent job painting my 2008 black Suburban,” Rodriguez adds.

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  • Ted Melendez

    there is also one of these in the city of industry if yo r ever out this way see if you can spot it. Hint, its a swimming suit store.

  • Rebecca

    Is this near the corner of Foothill and Beech?

    [Yes. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    The name is actually “There is a Difference Auto Body & Glass.”

    [I’ve fixed it. — DA]

  • don stockwell


    Can you confirm that I read a short blurb that Ruth Buzzi died this last week ?????????????

    I could swear I read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I’m just getting old !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Don

    [She’s still alive, Don. So are Jo Anne Worley and Lily Tomlin. — DA]