Clean air parking


Some green-minded businesses set aside parking spaces marked “Clean Air Vehicles” or “Hybrid,” but as in the example above, at a Rancho Cucamonga grocery, some regular vehicles play a dirty trick by parking there anyway.

I shot the photo above, days after receiving an email on the topic from Paul McClure of San Dimas. McClure says he saw such spaces recently for the first time at the new Olive Garden in his burg. He asked a hostess if his Prius qualified under the restaurant’s rules for a “Clean Air Vehicle” space.

She replied: “Oh, sure. Every vehicle qualifies. We’re not going to tow anybody.”

Well, they say the customer is always right.

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  • calwatch

    Unlike handicapped parking there is no entity that can ticket or tow anyone away. It’s like expectant mother parking at the store. Someone might give you a dirty look or take your photo if you park there, but otherwise no harm can come to you.

    [I know. But it was a bit of a jaw-dropper to see someone so blatantly violate the sign. — DA]