Column: Pomona library is brimming with treasures

61580-pomlib 014.JPG

Sunday’s column presents 35 reasons the Pomona Public Library is worth saving. Read it here. And add your own reasons in the comments field.

* The blog known as The Los Angeles Library Tour visited Pomona too and liked it.

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  • DebB

    What an amazing list! Some of it I knew, some I didn’t. And I, as a Pomona homeowner, am ready to pay the $38 (or whatever it is) extra prop tax to keep the library open (as long as that’s where all the money actually goes!).

    I’ve been curious about something for awhile now, and maybe you have an answer? Since the library buys one book that potentially hundreds of people read, the publisher loses a sale to every person that borrows that library book. So how does the publishing industry, and the average author, feel about libraries? Is it a kind of love/hate relationship?

    [Interesting question, Deb, and I don’t have an answer. — DA]

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    Gracias DebB and all the others who are sincere enough to help this beloved biblioteca. I have some pesetas left over from the “old days”, but just not sure how I can manage to get them to Pomona. Maybe some of my fine relatives can step up and contribute even if they do not reside in Pomona. Vaya Con Dios!